Together with Fukuoka University for a Bright Carbon Neutral Future

How is Fukuoka University working towards this Future?

Fukuoka University (FU) for the achievement of carbon neutrality has established its Carbon Neutral Basic Policy and specialized teams. We are working positively not only for carbon neutrality but also for SDGs.

One of Fukuoka University’s strong points is its comprehensive efforts for contributions towards these goals through a dynamic partnership with students, faculty and OBs along with local citizens. From now, let us introduce how Fukuoka University is first developing a carbon neutral campus for a sustainable and a resilient regional society.

Carbon Neutral Vision 2050

Fukuoka University Carbon Neutral Promotion Basic Policy

Foster a carbon free campus

Foster a carbon free campus where students and local citizens can relax and regional entities and businesses can cooperate towards the training of human resources to address the new challenges of society.


Generate a flexible and resilient community

Address society’s challenges and generate flexible and resilient community approaches while expanding the use of hydrogen and renewable energy.


Contribute to an innovative socio-economic system

Utilize university technology to contribute to an innovative socio-economic system.

CN Teams
Activities Summary

CN Teams Activities Summary Image