International Programs

In this age of globalization, one of the University’s missions is to produce graduates who can understand the rich diversity of cultures and senses of value in the world and participate in global society with a broad perspective. To this end, Fukuoka University has formed cooperation agreements with universities all over the world to provide diverse international programs and better foster individuals who can play an active role in the global arena. As of 1 May 2018, the University has academic exchange program agreements with sixty-nine universities and one institution in twenty-two countries and regions.

Under these agreements, the University’s international programs offer one-year exchange programs, short-term study abroad programs, and intensive language courses (lasting three to four weeks) to cultivate international perspective and hone language skills. We exchange a similar number of students with tuition fees mutually waived and a grant provided for their study overseas. The academic credits our students gain abroad count toward their degrees. All students may take the examination for the short-term study abroad programs, with the University contributing to travel expenses. The University also organizes intensive language courses in spring and summer that do not require an examination and in which students may participate at their own expense. Some faculties offer original programs, such as exchange programs and overseas training programs.

Fukuoka University also accepts exchange students from our sister universities as well as short-term international students and organizes student seminars to promote exchange with our sister universities in Asia.