President Masatoshi Yamaguchi

With a history and tradition dating back 80 years, Fukuoka University has established itself as one of the largest private universities in western Japan. Guided by its founding philosophy and commitment to education and research, the University today has 31 departments in nine undergraduate faculties, and 34 majors in ten graduate schools.

Modern society is undergoing enormous change through globalization, the shift to a low-birth, aging population, and rapid development in science and technology, and higher education must evolve to keep pace. The University will continue to improve the quality of its work in education, research and medicine, contributing to the regional and international communities.

The Fukuoka University Vision 2014‒2023 defines growth strategies for the medium and long terms from a broad perspective. As the University approaches its 100th anniversary, we remain true to our founding philosophy, working to become an even more active and dynamic university in the future.