Extracurricular Activities

The extracurricular activities in which students are voluntarily engaged during their free time help them cultivate individuality, independence, spontaneity, and camaraderie and develop their characters.

Fukuoka University recognizes these extracurricular activities as a field of training and supports them as an integral part of our holistic education. Altogether about 7,000 students, or some 36% of all students, participate in these extracurricular activities, cultivating their minds and training their bodies as they gain a sense of autonomy and self-motivation while building character in an ideal environment.

Our extracurricular activities are organized by the Student’s Union, whose membership is comprised of all Fukuoka University students and some members of the staff. The Union plans and organizes its activities in coordination with the standing managers of clubs in both the academic and cultural section and the sports section and with the Committee for General Affairs, which is composed of twenty student representatives, each of whom is elected by their class. As of April 2018, there are forty-three clubs and one society in the sports section and thirty-four clubs and one society in the academic and cultural section. Besides these, there are seventy-seven circles. In the Faculty of Commerce Evening School, there are nineteen clubs, one society, and two circles.

All of these clubs and societies are very active and play a crucial role in university life. Some of the academic and cultural clubs are engaged in unique research activities, while others are highly evaluated for their volunteer work. Fukuoka University has a long and proud tradition of sporting prowess. Its sports clubs have a successful record in national and other championships and have produced excellent athletes in the sport industry who have gone on to participate in the Olympic Games and Universiade competitions or become professional baseball, soccer, or basketball players.